“I know the reference to ‘science’ can be a turn-off to many in the building trades, as well as those connected in one way or another to the construction industry (realtors, appraisers, bankers, etc). However, this is the direction of workforce development in the trade. In residential housing, we simply cannot address solutions to the thermal impact on the climate crisis without learning the science of how a building performs.

Guy Payne, Executive Director

The mission of SEON is to expand the essential knowledge base of high performance building professionals and engage the community to build a clean economy.

Mission: What we do

  • SEON expands the knowledge base essential for high performance building professionals and engages the community to build a clean economy.

In pursuit of this mission, SEON seeks to:

  • Create systems of education on renewable energy / energy efficiency for incumbent and entry level energy practitioners, complementary professionals as well as students and the general public.
  • Promote the development of renewable energy / energy efficiency technologies, products, services, and processes by representing the assets of our region to entrepreneurs and companies interested in relocating to this region, identifying market niches, and assisting the formation of partnerships.

Our vision is for Vermont and surrounding areas is to become one of the foremost centers of sustainable energy and resiliency in rural America.

SEON’s Vision: Why We Do What We Do – and for Whom

  • We make it possible for green building enterprises to create well-paying jobs and adopt sustainable energy, environmentally sound practices.
  • We promote sustainable energy’s vital role in the health of communities and support the transition to a fossil-free economy.
  • We partner with others to enhance knowledge and implementation of environmentally friendly building construction and use.

SEON’s Guiding Principles

  • High performance buildings are essential to the economic health and environmental quality of the region.
  • An informed and engaged community is essential to the long-term sustainability of our built environment.
  • Everyone should live and work in healthy, comfortable, durable, energy efficient buildings.

SEON’s Building High Performance Building Businesses

  • SEON provides support and training to grow a high performance builder workforce and to run thriving businesses.
  • SEON provides support and training to facilities managers to operate healthy and energy efficient enterprises.
  • SEON fills research performance gaps and create opportunities to build the local clean energy building economy through continuous learning, including public education and to create demand.

SEON is unique

  • SEON is a different model for economic development. Either through ‘Open Forums’,  blogs, forums, working groups, or e-newsletters, all constituents of the local economy can come together to network, form partnerships, ask questions, share information, discuss difficult issues, and collaborate with all sectors to enrich our local economy.
  • We recognize the interdependence and inter-relatedness of all members of our economy, and connect those once isolated and independent entities to a bigger regional picture that calls us to create a world worthy of inheriting.
  • SEON is not a project management organization that directs resources to a particular issue. We are a facilitative organization that supports the development and commercialization of renewable energy and energy efficiency by linking people, information, and resources.

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