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Robert Swinburne - high performance architect. Building Science homes in New England.

Empowering New Englanders and New Yorkers: Revolutionizing High Performance Homes

Are you a new homebuilder or retrofitter with dreams of creating a sustainable and energy-efficient living space? Look no further than the wealth of nonprofit organizations in New England and New York dedicated to helping you turn your vision into reality. These organizations offer invaluable resources and support, connecting you with energy and lighting efficiency solutions, and helping you live the New England dream.

Robert Swinburne's New England Dream House is just one of the high performance homes he he built - the Sugarbush House

To Live the New England Dream, You First Must Build the New England Dream

To Live the New England Dream, You First Must Build the New England Dream. In order to truly invest in your home, neighborhood, and community, it is crucial to start with constructing an efficient, sustainable house that minimizes waste and environmental impact while saving on building costs. This involves using eco-friendly building materials and designing an energy-efficient home with features like quality insulation, energy-saving windows, and airtight construction. Reducing waste during construction is also vital, which can be achieved through prefabricated components and reusing or recycling materials.