Robert Swinburne's New England Dream House is just one of the high performance homes he he built - the Sugarbush House

To Live the New England Dream, You First Must Build the New England Dream

Embodying the New England dream entails not only appreciating the region’s natural beauty, history, and culture, but also actively engaging in the community and building a sustainable home. To live the New England dream, you must first build the New England dream. Let’s delve into why sustainable living in a high performance house is an integral part of this dream, aligning with regional values and aspirations.

The New England dream encompasses not only residing in a picturesque, historic region but also actively participating in community life. By maintaining a sustainable home and engaging with the community, you preserve the area’s beauty and heritage while fostering a sense of belonging.

In order to truly invest in your home, neighborhood, and community, it is crucial to start with constructing an efficient, sustainable house that minimizes waste and environmental impact while saving on building costs. This involves using eco-friendly building materials and designing an energy-efficient home with features like quality insulation, energy-saving windows, and airtight construction. Reducing waste during construction is also vital, which can be achieved through quality prefabricated components and reusing or recycling materials.

To live the New England dream, you must first build the New England dream.
Guy Payne, Executive Director of SEON (Sustainable Energy Outreach Network)

Caring for your home goes beyond cleanliness and maintenance; it involves making sustainable choices like using energy-efficient appliances, conserving water, and selecting sustainable materials. By doing so, you save on utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future for the region.

Engaging with your neighborhood and community means volunteering, supporting local organizations, and advocating for positive change. This fosters a more equitable and sustainable future for all New England residents while promoting a sense of community and belonging.

Sustainable living in a high performance house aligns with the New England dream in various ways, such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, durability, comfort, resilience, renewable energy, water efficiency, healthy living, cost savings, and environmental stewardship. As an increasing number of New England homeowners strive for sustainability, high performance houses offer an appealing solution that caters to their needs while championing a greener future for the region.

Photo Credit: Robert Swinburne / See a video of The Sugar Bush House