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SEON (Sustainable Energy Outreach Network) stands as a beacon to the profession of building science. As an authoritative voice, SEON is not just an advocate and trainer, but a repository of knowledge, aggregating news and developments in the realm of building science, not only from Vermont and its immediate surroundings but from every corner of the globe.
We offer news about:

  1. Building Science Updates
  2. Sustainable Building Insights
  3. Energy-Efficient Building Highlights
  4. Materials Science Breakthroughs
  5. Energy-Efficient Housing Solutions
  6. Construction Innovations
  7. Architectural Advancements
  8. Structural Engineering News
  9. Sustainable Building Insights
  10. Urban Development Trends
  11. Green Building Discoveries
  12. Infrastructure Developments

and so much more.

SEON’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future is reflected in its meticulous curation of news. With a lens focused intently on promoting the Vermont Contract Registry, SEON champions the very essence of high-performance building and energy efficiency practices, ensuring that the state remains at the forefront of sustainable construction.

Yet, SEON’s horizon is vast. We recognize the importance of global synergy and the benefits that can be gleaned from international advancements. Therefore, our team scours international headlines, research papers, and industry reports to bring to our audience the most intriguing, revolutionary, and impactful news. From innovative building solutions that are redefining architectural paradigms to spotlight features of houses and edifices that encapsulate the spirit of sustainability, SEON ensures that its audience is always abreast of the latest developments.

But our efforts do not stop at mere aggregation. We believe in amplifying this knowledge, in making it accessible and engaging. Our newsletters, meticulously crafted, serve as a nexus between the latest advancements and our devoted readership. These periodic digests encapsulate the most vital news, ensuring that even in today’s information overload, the essence of sustainable building science is never lost.

Our digital footprint extends further to social media platforms, where snippets of the latest trends, groundbreaking discoveries, and spotlight features are shared, fostering a community that is actively engaged and impassioned about building a greener tomorrow. Moreover, SEON’s blog serves as a repository where in-depth analyses, expert opinions, and thought leadership in sustainable building are showcased, offering a holistic perspective to enthusiasts, experts, and novices alike.

In essence, SEON is more than a network; it’s a movement. A movement that aggregates, elucidates, and disseminates the essence of sustainable building science, ensuring that Vermont and the world at large stride confidently towards a more sustainable, efficient, and harmonious future.

Jason Van Nest Board of Directors SEON Building Science

Good news (and departure) from Board Member Jason Van Nest

Professor Jason Van Nest has been named the First Director for the New York Institute of Technology’s Center for Offsite Construction. The appointment is expected to create extraordinary pressure on Jason’s time. For this reason, Jason has resigned from his role of Board Member at SEON. Jason and SEON remain deeply connected. Research at the Center has already produced new avenues of collaboration between SEON and the Center — hopefully more news to come, shortly.

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Vermont Homebuilding Coalition, photography by Gautam Krishnan

Building Smarter, Stronger: Vermont’s homebuilding dream team takes off

In the Heart of Vermont, a market transformation is underway in the world of homebuilding construction, and it’s not your average headline. This isn’t just about bricks and beams; it’s about creating homes that are healthier, more energy efficient, and built to last. Picture this: The year is 2023, and the Legislative Committee’s Building Energy

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Building Science: Volume 1, Issue 12

SEON’s Sustainable Energy Outreach Network Newsletter In this issue Message from the Executive Director Our members – in action Interesting Links Resources Meetings & Conferences Job Opportunities Thank you, Members From SEON’s Executive Director It’s December and Happy Holidays! The Legislative Committee, Building Energy Code Study Committee, issued their commissioned report on December 1, 2023.

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