SEON Staff

Guy Payne — Executive Director

Guy Payne executive director SEON sustainable energy outreach network building science

Guy Payne has worked in workforce development for most of his professional career serving working in higher educations at the community college, state college, and university systems, corporate and divisional levels as a management trainer and in organizational development, non-profits as a training coordinator, a leadership trainer and consultant, and apprenticeship supervisor for a private business in Vermont. He has traveled to Austria as part of a Vermont delegation to study Austria’s technical education system, and has chaired 2 Vermont Workforce Investment Boards. In 2012 he collaborated with local contractors, and other building professionals to form SEON in response to a local need by contractors to increase access to the science behind best practices in energy efficiency and water and vapor management.

Sarah Fox — Program Director / Communications Strategist

Sarah Fox Program Manager SEON sustainable energy outreach network building science

Sarah Fox takes a high-level view of the SEON mission and helps to strategically guide SEON and the man behind the myth and the legend, Guy Payne (our executive director) to make sure all needs are met and running effectively.

Jim Moulton — Bookkeeper

Jim Moulton bookkeeper SEON sustainable energy outreach network building science

Jim Moulton has been maintaining the books for many area small businesses and not-for-profits for about 25 years and has happily assisted SEON since its early days. He hit the trifecta with his adoration of the work, his clients and SEON’s mission. When Jim isn’t buried in credits and debits, he loves traveling with his talented wife of three decades, Julie, checking bird species off his 2200+ life-list and serving with US Peace Corps in Mongolia and Zambia.