SEON Staff

Guy Payne — Executive Director

Guy Payne executive director SEON sustainable energy outreach network building scienceGuy is a founding member of SEON – established in southern Vermont in 2012, following the devastation of Hurricane Irene, because there was a need for building professionals to understand the effects of water and vapor management. One of Guy’s remarkable achievements has been taking SEON from its roots in southern Vermont and expanding its mission statewide, influencing energy efficiency and building practices across the entire state.

Guy has worked in workforce development for most of his professional career serving working in higher educations at the community college, state college, and university systems, corporate and divisional levels as a management trainer and in organizational development, non-profits as a training coordinator, a leadership trainer and consultant, and apprenticeship supervisor for a private business in Vermont. He has traveled to Austria as part of a Vermont delegation to study Austria’s technical education system, and has chaired 2 Vermont Workforce Investment Boards. In 2012 he collaborated with local contractors, and other building professionals to form SEON in response to a local need by contractors to increase access to the science behind best practices in energy efficiency and water and vapor management.

Guy’s recent initiatives, such as the Congressionally Directed Spending Requests for 2024, submitted to Senators Sanders and Welsh, showcase his unwavering dedication to transforming Vermont’s housing landscape. Through this visionary project, entitled: the Speeding Vermont Multifamily Housing endeavor, utilizing Open Source Manufacturing Standards, Guy is spearheading the establishment of revolutionary workforce standards for offsite manufacturing. His groundbreaking workforce initiative will have two pivotal components: the creation of the “Modular Installer” and the implementation of a new Offsite Construction Workforce Training Program. These initiatives are poised to significantly enhance quality, ensure compliance, improve labor efficiency, and promote affordability across housing projects in Vermont.

Guy has played a pivotal role in driving forward the Vermont Homebuilder Coalition, a groundbreaking endeavor focused on reshaping the landscape of homebuilding in the state. His proactive leadership has been instrumental in uniting diverse Homebuilding Associations across Vermont under the coalition’s banner. He has championed initiatives aimed at promoting healthier, energy-efficient, and long-lasting homes statewide. Guy’s vision extends beyond mere advocacy; he envisions establishing state-recognized certifications for high-performance builders and launching impactful awareness campaigns to educate homeowners on the advantages of building science. Through his collaborative efforts, Guy is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and innovative future for Vermont’s housing industry.

Guy’s leadership is driving tangible progress and innovation in the state’s construction industry. Guy’s training programs span across Vermont, covering crucial topics like Crew Leadership Development and Mentoring Skills for Workforce Retention. These programs emphasize the importance of leadership separate from management, tackling issues like employee motivation, ongoing learning in the face of climate challenges, and creating inclusive work cultures.
 Guy’s contributions are recognized through various collaborations, publications and events, such as his role in getting SEON recognized in the ACT 47 Building Energy Code Study Committee Report to the Vermont Legislature in 2023. He has also participated in critical initiatives like the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s Summit on Creating Prosperity and Opportunity Confronting Climate Change, the task force in the Lake Champlain Regional Technical Education Pilot, and a presentation at the Better Building By Design program in 2022.

Guy Payne is a household name in Vermont’s homebuilding industry, known and respected by everyone involved. His deep connections extend beyond professional relationships; he counts many legislators, policy makers, and innovators in the industry among his true friends.

Sarah Fox — Director of Advocacy

Sarah Fox Program Manager SEON sustainable energy outreach network building science

Sarah Fox is a seasoned professional in the realm of advocacy, currently serving as the Director of Advocacy at Seon under the guidance of Executive Director Guy Payne. Together, they have been instrumental in spearheading transformative initiatives such as the Vermont Homebuilder Coalition, a collaborative effort aimed at revolutionizing homebuilding practices in Vermont. Through their partnership, Sarah and Guy have unified various Homebuilding Associations in Vermont to form the coalition, focusing on promoting healthier, energy-efficient, and durable homes across the state. Their combined expertise and dedication have been key drivers of positive change in the industry.

One of Sarah’s notable achievements is her recent collaboration with Guy on a groundbreaking proposal submitted to Senators Sanders and Welsh’s office and Becca Ballint, addressing the affordable housing crisis in Vermont. The proposal outlines a strategic plan leveraging Open Source Manufacturing Standards to streamline home construction processes and enhance affordability for all Vermonters. Her professional journey includes notable achievements such as overseeing impactful publications and introducing innovative communication strategies for organizations across commercial and non-profit sectors. Sarah’s holistic approach to advocacy and strategic leadership continues to drive positive change and innovation in the industries she serves.

Mark Tolson — Marketing and Visual Analyst

Mark Tolson Marketing Branding Video Social Media Expert in Vermont Graphics Print and Digital nonprofit SEON.gif

Mark Tolson excels as SEON’s Marketing and Visual Analyst, where he is instrumental in crafting impactful digital campaigns, social media content, infographics and brochures that effectively communicate SEON’s mission and values. With a sharp focus on design and storytelling, Mark brings SEON’s brand to life through compelling graphics, videos, and multimedia packages, engaging the target audience and fostering awareness of sustainable homebuilding practices, high-performance building education, and energy efficiency initiatives. His creative vision and executive-level management of digital campaigns play a crucial role in amplifying SEON’s message and driving positive change within the industry and community.

Jim Moulton — Bookkeeper

Jim Moulton bookkeeper SEON sustainable energy outreach network building science

Jim Moulton has been maintaining the books for many area small businesses and not-for-profits for about 25 years and has happily assisted SEON since its early days. He hit the trifecta with his adoration of the work, his clients and SEON’s mission. When Jim isn’t buried in credits and debits, he loves traveling with his talented wife of three decades, Julie, checking bird species off his 2200+ life-list and serving with US Peace Corps in Mongolia and Zambia.