How Old Houses Work 

Fundamentals of High Performance Building Assemblies

Design assemblies that live up to their potential

High-performance buildings integrate site-responsive orientation climate-responsive form, hefty R-values, efficient mechanical systems healthy indoor air, and glazing that effectively balances daylight and heat gain.

Our course is designed for architects and builders, provides methodologies for how best to design and manage these details and achieve superior performance while avoiding expensive pitfalls.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Recall how the acronym ENDURE speaks to the unifying aspect of high-performance buildings
  • Describe how to apply the principles of high-performance assemblies in everyday work
  • Employ Integrated project delivery to co-design an installation sequence
  • Describe how to manage moisture flow with continuous control layers
  • Describe how to achieve continuity in air barrier assemblies
  • Determine the best places to locate thermal barriers
  • Understand how to deal with vapor diffusion using advanced tools, methods and materials
  • Discuss the difference between vented and ventilated assemblies

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