Code of Conduct

The Member Code of Conduct is part of the SEON’s By-Laws

Members of SEON recognize their obligations to the general public, the consumer, and all professions and industries related to sustainable energy. These voluntary obligations guide the members of SEON to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with public health, safety and welfare, and which contributes to the advancement of sustainable energy production and use.

Members agree that they shall:

  1. undertake professional activities in compliance with applicable codes, standards and laws inclusive of anti-trust and taxations laws
    • be truthful in representing their professional qualifications;
    • undertake their professional operations, services and research with proper regard for the safety, health and welfare of workers, the general public and the natural environment – the principle of the triple bottom-line
    • present honestly the qualities of professional products and services offered;
    • be guided in all their professional relations by the highest standards of integrity, admit and accept their own errors when proven wrong and take appropriate action to correct the error.comply with codes that govern their profession, or, if there are none applicable,
  2. be respectful of the professional reputation and practices of other members
  3. promote, enable, and participate in reasoned and well-supported discussions of sustainable energy issues.  Members shall be guided in their discussions and actions by the best application of science.  Members shall respect, accept and consider the interests, positions, and mandates of other SEON members.
  4. endeavor to enhance public knowledge and appreciation of sustainable energy, its effect on the natural environment and the economy, and the achievement in the field