Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Requests 2024

Speeding Vermont Multifamily Housing
(Using Open Source Manufacturing Standards to Ease Vermont’s Affordable Housing Crisis)


This project will improve the way Vermonters build homes by establishing a new building standard of offsite manufacturing for home utility hookups, kitchens, and bathrooms to optimize quality, compliance, labor, and other efficiencies.
Project funds will be used to augment in-process affordable housing projects for Vermont nonprofits while simultaneously creating permanent infrastructure that will continue to drive down the cost and increase the availability of affordable housing for all Vermonters

Program Initiatives & Objectives:

  • Long-Term Housing Solution
    • Addressing the housing crisis by constructing over 250 (to begin) affordable multifamily and single dwelling units in collaboration with four Vermont housing trusts.
  • Innovative Construction Panel
    • Introducing a groundbreaking, made-in-Vermont construction panel that integrates electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems into housing units, similar to a plug-and-play USB device for computers.
  • Sustainable Construction Strategy
    • Introducing a new strategy that implements panels with modules to standardize and simplify sustainable construction processes, aligning with the VT Climate Action Plan.
  • Workforce Initiative
    • Establishing a groundbreaking workforce initiative with two key components:
      1. Creation of the “Modular Installer” position to reduce strain on tradespeople and create new jobs.
      2. Implementation of the Offsite Construction Workforce Training Program, a first-in-the-nation initiative to train workers in innovative construction methodologies.

The Vermont Homebuilder Coalition

The Vermont Homebuilder Coalition’s initiative aims to revolutionize homebuilding by prioritizing healthier, more energy-efficient, and durable homes. They are addressing the lack of understanding of building science among builders, which leads to issues like mold and inefficiency. The coalition emphasizes the importance of industry-wide support for this cultural shift in homebuilding practices.


  • Explore and define a state-recognized builder certification as a high performance builder, and increase outreach, education, and training. In simple terms – it’s your guarantee of a building professional for your home.
  • Launch awareness campaigns that shed light on the benefits of building science. Get ready to become a savvy homeowner who knows exactly what to ask for when it comes to your energy efficient home.


SEON Home Tours

Our Sustainable Home Tours showcase homes and the design/construction teams whose work demonstrates a commitment to high performance building, sustainable materials, durability, indoor air quality, and renewable energy. It’s a “Show & Tell” opportunity where you’ll be taken on a virtual tour of the home and sustainable features will be highlighted. Learn about the technologies and processes that make these homes sustainable. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of the builders.