Building Science Instructors

Jim Bradley is a building science instructor for SEON (sustainable energy outreach network)

Jim Bradley

Jim Bradley is currently a Project Manager / Developer for Hayward Design  Build while operating his own Energy Auditing business, Authenticated Building Performance Diagnostics. Additionally, Jim is a 9-time winner of Efficiency Vermont’s Best of the Best award, along with receiving their Partnership Award Winner and the VBRA’s 2018 Remodeler of the Year award. Jim is also a contributing author to the Journal of Light Construction on many of the latest Building Science and Construction Techniques while also sharing this knowledge with the listenership of the radio show he co-hosts, House Calls Vermont. Jim’s extensive background and certifications in Passive House Construction and Building Science bring added value to his clients, who appreciate beautifully built, efficient and sustainable homes. Jim specializes in building High-Performance homes and commercial structures that offer meticulously air-sealed and super-insulated building envelopes while giving special attention to the health and safety of the building occupants and ensuring the long-term durability of the structures. 

Jim shares his passion for energy efficiency with other building professionals as a past President and Vice President of the Vermont Builders and Remodelers Association through his work on the Education and Legislative Committees. He often testifies at the Statehouse on issues affecting the construction industry and small businesses, including the recently passed Vermont Contractor Registry.

Michael Goetinck

Michael Goetinck is the principal of Snowdog Construction based in Norwich, Vermont. Michael has been a Building Performance Institute Building Analyst and Envelope Professional since 2008, teaches classes on building science and high-performance construction for SEON and Yestermorrow Design Build School, and offers consulting services to homeowners, builders, designers and architects, and nonprofit organizations that work with low-income homeowners.

Nate Gusakov  is a building science instructor for SEON (sustainable energy outreach network)

Nate Gusakov

Nate Gusakov
My career in the building trades started as a job site broom-pusher in high school in my hometown of Bristol, VT. For twenty-odd years I wore a belt as a frame-to-finish carpenter (with a couple trips around the world and some college thrown in there to spice things up). I began swinging a hammer for Silver Maple Construction/Zone 6 Energy in 2012 and five years later they sent me to get my BPI certifications as a Building Analyst and Envelope Professional. Hundreds and hundreds of blower door tests later, I keep busy working for Silver Maple Construction/Zone 6 Energy as a building envelope consultant, certified Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) Authority, and AeroBarrier installer.

Work responsibilities include: design review & consulting; specification writing
assistance; residential and commercial whole-building air tightness testing; handheld and drone-mounted thermal imaging; on-site progress testing and field verifications including pressurized fogging as well as fenestration air leakage and water penetration testing.
When it comes right down to it, I aspire to be sort of like Friar Tuck in the Sherwood Forest of modern building science. I also play the banjo.

Junio Anthes-Moody  is a building science instructor for SEON (sustainable energy outreach network) is a building science instructor for SEON (sustainable energy outreach network)

Junio Anthes-Moody

Junio Anthes-Moody is an energy efficiency professional based in Southern Vermont. He has been performing energy audits for over a decade and has worked in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. He has taught weatherization, mentored energy auditors, and performed thousands of quality assurance inspections in that time.
His current interests are in building comfort, the interplay between competing HVAC technologies and the building shell, and the role that each of these has in fighting climate change and mitigating its effects.
Junio holds Building Performance Institute certifications as a Building Analyst Professional and an Envelope Professional and is an ASHRAE Associate.

Chris West

Chris West is a SEON instructor and a PHIUS/PHI Certified Passive House consultant and trainer, as well as the owner of Eco Houses of Vermont, LLC, a building science consultancy that specializes in Passive House design for single-family, multi-family, and commercial projects. Chris is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for the housing sector.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Chris got involved with passive house in the US in 2010, shortly after returning from a decade in the Netherlands, where he earned a BS degree from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. His passion for building energy use and building science led him to establish Eco Houses of Vermont, which has been involved in numerous energy-efficient projects in and around Vermont and around the country, some of which have been honored with awards at Phius conferences.

In addition to his consultancy work, Chris holds five important certifications: Lead Certified Firm, Certified Green Professional, and Certified RESNET HERS Rater Badge holder, PHIUS/PHI Certified Passive House Consultant, BPI Building Analyst. He has a love for teaching and previously taught technical drawing at the Hogeschoool van Amsterdam for six years. He is excited to share his knowledge and expertise as an instructor, educating others on the principles and benefits of passive house design.

Peter Yost is a building science instructor for SEON (sustainable energy outreach network)

Peter Yost, MS

Peter Yost is the sole proprietor of BuildingWright in Durham, NH. He has been building, researching, teaching, writing, and consulting on high performance buildings for more than thirty years. His expertise ranges from construction waste management and advanced framing to energy efficiency and building durability. Peter has made significant contributions to the work of many leading building organizations and initiatives—NAHB Research Center, Building Science Corporation, 3-D Building Solutions, EEBA, Masco’s Environments for Living® program, USGBC’s LEED for Homes and REGREEN programs, and the US Department of Energy’s Building America program. Peter was the principal author of the NAHB Advanced Green Building-Building science course materials and co-author of the USGBC REGREEN workshop curriculum.

Peter is currently Technical Director for, a lecturer in Yale University’s Graduate School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, adjunct faculty of the University of Massachusetts Department of Building and Construction Technology program in Amherst, and USGBC LEED AP. Peter has been awarded NAHB Green Building Educator of the Year and SeventhWave Educator of the Year.

For those who have ever worked with Peter, he is recognized as a certified “Wingnut.”