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Dear Members and Prospective Members,

It’s important to remember that we are, first and foremost, a networking organization — and with that comes the soft, intangible benefits that are difficult to quantify:

  • SEON brings together the sustainable energy community to collaborate on projects, share information and leverage knowledge in the quest to promote sustainable energy options.
  • SEON is a professional development institution. We hold monthly open meetings and continuing education programming to provide professionals with networking opportunities and advanced learning to remain current and involved with our rapidly changing technologies.
  • SEON assists with business development in finding customers, partners, or suppliers, and obtaining research findings and recommendations by technical, practitioner, and financial experts.
  • SEON promotes the accomplishments of our members through our website, monthly updates, Facebook and monthly meetings.
  • SEON promotes the region as a vibrant hub of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the green building industry sector.

Download and fill out the 2023 SEON Membership Application and a signed Code of Conduct page, then mail both to

In the Membership Level chart below, we’ve attempted to quantify the practical benefits of each member level. We have also tried to draw a distinction between the benefits of Individual and Business membership. For example, as an individual member, company logos and business descriptions will not be identified other than the name of the company with which the individual is affiliated.

We depend on the support of our members to continue our work towards a sustainable future.

Thank you for joining us.

Guy Payne
Executive Director

To apply to become a member of SEON please:

1. download and fill out the 2023 SEON Membership Application
2. print out and sign the Code of Conduct page
3. mail both to

Membership Benefits   
Membership Benefits 
F/T Student 
Maximum number of participating
members allowed * 
Participate in monthly group meetings
for free
Submit articles, announcements
& upcoming events to the SEON
Your name listed on the SEON website
Membership list 
Attend SEON tours for free 
Discounts on SEON events 
(varies by member level) 
10% off membership for each
member referral 
When available, discounts on
sustainable energy conferences 
Your organization & logo listed
on the SEON website 
Advertise job postings on SEON website   
Right to use the SEON “business member”
logo for your marketing & on your website 
Opportunity to give presentation at
BSG meetings 
Opportunity to have your facility or job site
featured on a SEON sponsored tour 
Your logo displayed on SEON advertising     
“Member of the Month” spotlight in
newsletter & on website