SEON Services

SEON provides 4 distinct services

  1. Provides Productive Networking Opportunities
    • SEON holds bi-monthly meetings, an open forum wherein sustainable energy news is shared.  
    • SEON brings together people from all backgrounds and these meetings provide an excellent opportunity to learn about what is happening in our region.
    • SEON will offer access to practical support as well as technical advice from renowned experts.
    • SEON will direct inquiries on business development to appropriate agencies, and act as an informational resource for consumers.
  2. Maintains an Information Database on Sustainable Energy
    • SEON maintains an impressive list of contacts and activities on sustainable energy.
    • SEON is a First-Call resource – we respond to questions by providing responses from experts, or by linking people to those with shared interests, research, or market needs.
    • SEON’s information network continues to expand – collecting and monitoring news, events, research, incentives and support programs.
    • SEON distributes timely information to members keeping them updated on everything they need to know about Sustainable Energy and Building Science.
  3. Support Education and Employment  
    • SEON is closely linked with institutions of higher learning, technical centers, and businesses.
    • SEON works to bring programming to schools.
    • SEON works to bring continuing education to businesses.
    • SEON works to provide students, adults, and educators with an expanding resource base for continued development of their interests in sustainable energy technology.
  4. Promote Sustainable Energy by Serving Our Members and Community
    • SEON works with town energy committees, regional planning commissions, and other advocacy groups to develop innovative approaches to assist consumers become more informed on issues of sustainable energy and the financing of projects. In addition, many consumers are overwhelmed with competing demands for their attention and pocket book, and wind up stalled on sustainable energy improvements. Developing a strategy for consumer decision-making will be of considerable value to all.

Also See: SEON’s Mission Statement