SEON CDS – 2025

(Acknowledgements below)





SEON would like to express a heartfelt thanks to the whole Vermont delegation (and especially their staff) for helping us organize, format, and submit the best version of a spending request we could for our community.


Special thanks to staff members for their prompt and careful advice:

  • In Representative Balint’s office: Matt Hunt, Kate Huffman Gorud, and Madelyn Smith.
  • In Senator Welch’s office: Miles McGuriman, Rebecca Ellis.
  • In Senator Sanders’ office: Ethan Hinch, Haley Pero.

SEON would also like to express gratitude to the people and organizations that wrote Letters of Support (sometimes turning around edits in minutes). These supporters include:

  • Libby Bennett, Executive Director – Groundworks Collaborative
  • Elizabeth Bridgewater – Executive Director of Windham & Windsor Housing Trust
  • Kevin Chu (he/him), Executive Director – Vermont Futures Project
  • Richard Faesy, Principal – Energy Futures Group
  • Alex Farrell – Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Laurie Fielder – VP, Green Lending
  • Adam Grinold & Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
  • Matt Miller, Principal – RHOImpact
  • Susan Westa, AICP, Associate Director – Windham Regional Commission
  • Downstreet Housing & Community Development
  • The Community Development Support
  • Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA)

Due to the tight deadline, SEON is honored to expect more letters of support, including:

  • VT Rep. Emilie Kornheiser
  • VT Rep. Tristan Roberts
  • VT Senators Wendy Harrison
  • VT Senators Nader Hashim
  • VT Treasurer Mike Pieciak
  • VIA (VT) Architect Andrea Murray
  • Brett Ference – VMEC
  • Mike O’Hearn – VMEC
  • Pat Moulton – Moulton Consultants
  • More to come….