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In essence, SEON is more than a network; it’s a movement. A movement that aggregates, elucidates, and disseminates the essence of sustainable building science, ensuring that Vermont and the world at large stride confidently towards a more sustainable, efficient, and harmonious future.

High performance builders and architects call for legislation and law to change to protect homeowners in Vermont, especially after the dangers of spray foam insulation were revealed.

Architects and Builders Urge Action for Improved Construction Standards

artially due to the recent spray foam insulation issues, a group of six builders and architects came together with a unanimous request during a recent hearing in Vermont. They appealed to the panel responsible for approving state regulations, urging them to delay the proposed energy code updates. Their rationale was rooted in the need for Vermont to first establish improved education, training, certification, and enforcement measures for builders before implementing these changes. The spray foam insulation failures served as an example of the issues that can arise without adequate knowledge and oversight in the construction industry.

SEON's Executive Director, Guy Payne meets with the Vermont General Attorney and the Secretary of State’s Office of Professional Regulation to help lead the way: How Vermont's New Residential Contractor Registration Program is Driving Sustainable Construction with SEON's Help

Combating Home Improvement Fraud to Protect Homeowners: SEON on the Move to Ensure Sustainable Construction

Discover how the fight against home improvement fraud is getting a major boost from a new registration program for residential contractors. Designed to help consumers locate licensed professionals with the necessary expertise to deliver top-quality work, the program also emphasizes the importance of certification to recognize a builder’s mastery in their craft. Join the effort to ensure sustainable, responsible construction and protect your home with this valuable new program.

National Skilled Trades Day – Let’s Honor Our High Performance Builders

Let’s celebrate the high-performance builders who construct the very best homes, enabling people to live their New England dream, by supporting and promoting National Skilled Trades Day. Skilled craftsmen keep our country running smoothly, and high-performance builders build our homes for comfort – and those skilled and certified people in the trade industry elevate our standard of living through their dedication to building exceptionally.