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Building Science Classes Enrollment Open for Fall Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts


Learn high-performance building in Vermont and New England. Two 8-hour classes of solid and engaging building science. Be the change in the world while learning an in-demand career. And also learn SEON’s Crew Leadership Development course teaches you how to unleash the authentic leader within and complement your managerial roles. Learn the skills that foster a culture where each team member develops their technical skills and takes ownership of their roles, as well as how to create an enjoyable work environment that promotes excellence, pride, growth, respect, and collaboration.y level employees on carpentry basics.

second careers on a fast track that are meaningful... if you want a new job in Vermont or New England that invigorates you and makes a difference and is high demand, take this training

I Want A Different Job!

Are you looking for a career change that will make a difference in the world? Consider a career in high-performance building. High-performance buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. They use less energy and resources than traditional buildings, which helps to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.

Building science training and leadership skills workshops in Vermont SEON sustainable energy outreach network

Building Science: Winter/Spring 2023 Class Schedule

Basics of High Performance Building Workshops and Training – Winter/Spring 2023 Class Schedule.
Knowledge of basic carpentry skills through NCCER is an essential foundation for the required learning as a high performance builder. Understanding carpentry terms and skills, building components, and even proper handling of equipment, is necessary to anchor learning of air and water barriers and promote overall safety. This approach also relieves production oriented builders from diverting resources to educate entry level employees on carpentry basics.

Weatherization 101 Training

ReSOURCE’s Weatherization 101 training program equips work-ready individuals with the skills to enter the weatherization field 

This six-week, workshop intensive provides tool handling, safety techniques, and technical knowledge for entering high-paying jobs in the weatherization trade