Logic Building Systems sustainable modular kitchen bathroom eco-friendly construction Brattleboro Vermont

Logic Building Systems – Sustainability in Vermont’s Housing Crisis

In Brattleboro, Vermont, where picturesque landscapes meet historic charm, a revolution in building is unfolding. At its helm stands Jason Van Nest (along with Jim Verzino), a dedicated board member of the Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON), on a mission to reshape the housing landscape. His startup, Logic Building Systems, is a testament to Vermont’s commitment to addressing its housing crisis while embracing sustainability wholeheartedly.

Logic Building Systems: A Beacon of Sustainability

Logic Building Systems isn’t just a manufacturing-and-construction company; it’s a beacon of hope. It’s about using off site building techniques to reduce construction waste by a staggering 35% and slashing CO2 emissions by an impressive 40 to 60%. In the words of Jason Van Nest, Logic’s driving force is simple: “Building a better way.” It’s about breaking away from century-old construction practices that have left us with unaffordable homes and mountains of waste.

The Modular Marvel: Logic Blocks™

While the concept of modular construction and manufactured housing (being considered in Vermont) isn’t new, Logic Building Systems is redefining it. The secret? A fundamental shift from indoor construction to true manufacturing. At the heart of this innovation lies the Logic Blocks™, modular kitchen and bathroom units that are meticulously crafted on an assembly line reminiscent of an automotive factory.

Jason Van Nest puts it succinctly, “We’re streamlining our production process now, but visitors can see a resemblance to an automotive factory. An assembly line starts with a kitchen or bathroom structural chassis. Sub-components are carefully staged and added. Finishes are applied last. At every stage waste is minimized and energy is conserved.”

Logic Building Systems sustainable modular kitchen bathroom eco-friendly construction
Logic Building Systems sustainable modular kitchen bathroom eco-friendly construction

Mass Customization for Unique Living Spaces

What sets Logic Building Systems apart is its commitment to mass customization. Logic aims to control basic dimensions of its modules, and in exchange help architects and designers concentrate on creating unique living spaces while enjoying the budget surpluses offered by offsite construction. Logic is building the online consumer interface revolution of the early 21st century – but applied to construction. Designers at any level can tweak and customize their material and hardware choices for their kitchens and bathrooms, much like shopping online for shoes.

The Bridge to Innovation: Overcoming Challenges

The construction industry’s reluctance to embrace change has been a persistent challenge. However, as Van Nest points out, developers are increasingly eager to explore modular tech, driven by the skyrocketing costs of traditional construction and the need for more builders. “Naturally, the developers we work with are weary of watching expenses rise. They don’t want to be the bearer of bad news in their communities, by raising rents in an affordable housing crisis. As a result, they are actively seeking innovative solutions to bring higher quality housing to market, at lower costs. That’s where Logic shines.”

Logic Building Systems sustainable modular kitchen bathroom eco-friendly construction
Logic Building Systems pop-up laboratory is located at 143 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

Sustainability Beyond Construction

Logic Building Systems is not just about sustainable construction; the company sees itself operating at the intersection of broader societal issues. Affordable housing and urban development challenges are at the forefront of Logic’s sustainability mission. As Van Nest asserts, “Affordable housing is not just an economic necessity; it’s a community resource. Logic is building advanced prototypes in a retail storefront in downtown Brattleboro, VT, fostering collaboration among all stakeholders: policymakers, developers, designers, contractors.. All are welcome.”

Quality Assurance in Modular Construction

One common concern with modular construction is the compromise on quality. But Logic Building Systems is setting out to change that perception. Van Nest states emphatically, “We aim to build the finest quality kitchens and bathrooms at any price point.” While manufactured housing has been a race to the bottom for most of the 20th Century, he sees the time is ripe for a quality reboot. By leveraging years of modular experience in the hospitality industry, and by refining their assembly process, Logic is laser-focused on reseting off-site methods as a higher standard of construction.

Bridging the Labor Gap

Labor shortages are plaguing almost every sector of the construction industry, Logic Building Systems sees another opportunity. The manufacturing site is actively coordinating skills training and cooperative programs with two local trade schools, to ease those students’ transition into the workforce. “When a young person starts building with us, they are asked to apply basic electrical, plumbing, and carpentry skills, all within the first month.” Further, “We want to be the place where a young plumber installs their first five toilets – all in one afternoon. They learn it once, practice it a few times, and then are poised to help homeowners with unique on-site challenges.” Visit Logic’s website for more ways they are committed to bridging the gap between traditional construction and innovative methods.

Scaling Up and Shaping the Future

As Logic Building Systems scales up, it aims to be a part of the wave of new construction practices that make the industry cleaner, faster, and less wasteful. The company is developing a software backbone to help designers plan modular buildings with less risk and uncertainty. Notes Van Nest “We’re already providing architects and developers with module templates and typical building plans to streamline their projects. Our next steps are about adding smart building components, environmental sensors, and home networking infrastructure to the modules. In this way, building operators can access anonymous up-to-the-minute building data to optimize energy consumption, and drive down the life-cycle cost associated with running multifamily housing.”

Embracing Innovation

For those hesitant to embrace this innovative approach, Van Nest has a message: “Hesitation is natural, but the need for change in the construction industry is overdue. Let’s give our children a good answer when they ask us what we did to help address climate change and inequity.”

In a world where the housing crisis looms large, and sustainability is paramount, Logic Building Systems strives to not just discuss answers, but offer solutions. Its mantra to “Build a better way,” is not just about building homes; it’s about building a better future for Vermont and beyond. Logic invites all interested to visit it’s pop-up laboratory (143 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT) to see the building blocks of a sustainable tomorrow.