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Building Science: Volume 2, Issue 5

Building Science: Volume 2, Issue 5
SEON’s Sustainable Energy Outreach Network Newsletter

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From SEON’s Executive Director

It’s May Folks!

And we have exciting news.

I want to start by reaching out to get your thoughts and advice on a $9.9M congressional earmark (►located here) that SEON has just submitted to Senators Sanders’ & Welch’s offices, regarding affordable housing and workforce development.

Below, please find the 4 key points of the CDS for your convenience.

Program Initiatives & Objectives:

  • Long-Term Housing Solution
    • Addressing the housing crisis by constructing over 250 (to begin) affordable multifamily and single dwelling units in collaboration with four Vermont housing trusts.
  • Innovative Construction Panel
    • Introducing a groundbreaking, made-in-Vermont construction panel that integrates electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems into housing units, similar to a plug-and-play USB device for computers.
  • Sustainable Construction Strategy
    • Introducing a new strategy that implements panels with modules to standardize and simplify sustainable construction processes, aligning with the VT Climate Action Plan.
  • Workforce Initiative
    • Establishing a groundbreaking workforce initiative with two key components:
      1. Creation of the “Modular Installer” position to reduce strain on tradespeople and create new jobs.
      2. Implementation of the Offsite Construction Workforce Training Program, a first-in-the-nation initiative to train workers in innovative construction methodologies.

I urge you to visit the SEON CDS to learn more, to see the vast array of heavy hitters who have sent in letters of support, and to send any suggestions to

The Vermont Residential Homebuilding Coalition will meet Tuesday, May 14th
This will be our second meeting, focusing on what building science training and (voluntary) certification is needed in our state. Stay tuned.

And finally:

We are looking for Board Members who have training in grant writing. Not to write the grants, but to guide us in the process.

Onward and upward until June!

Guy Payne
Executive Director

Introducing Tug, the Building Dog

Tug is looking quite fetching in his business eyewear. Let’s paws for a second, have a big relaxing yawn and look at how cute Tug is modeling his new glasses.

See more photos of Tug at Housewright Construction, Inc.

Our Members – in Action

Mel Baiser on Fire for HELM

“HELM co-founder, Mel Baiser was recently interviewed by Audree Grubesic from the podcast…sharing more about all the potential we see for the construction industry and how it relates to HELM’s goals around climate justice, workforce development, and the creation of resilient businesses.”⁠
Read more at HELM Construction Solutions

Efficiency Vermont Incentivizes

“A Vermont-specific incentives calculator to electrify everything from your car to your water heater. Rewire America worked with SEON member Efficiency Vermont on a version of Rewire’s ‘savings calculator’ that gives Vermonters a customized breakdown of the incentives they might qualify for if they want to electrify any aspect of their homes.”
Read more about Efficiency Vermont

Farnum at Work

“‘Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.’ – Jim Rohn”
Read more at Farnum Insulators

Not Enough Room For a Gasket?
”When you don’t have enough room for a gasket, or have multiple penetrations in one spot, consider VISCONN: A high-quality, water-based acrylic dispersion air barrier that comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from Pro Clima… it’s vapor-variable, waterproof, suitable for interior or exterior use, dries flexible, and integrates seamlessly with the entire family of Pro Clima adhesives, tapes and membranes.”⁠

Read more at 475 High Performance Building Supply

Wadsworth Design Build Gorgeousness
”Another look at this amazing project!
Design & Build: Wadsworth Design Build
Interior Design:  @louisandvailinteriors
Photography: @ridgelightstudio”⁠

Read more at Wadsworth Design Build

Made-in-Vermont Wood & Net Zero Home
”The Barnes Hill Net Zero Home. Every piece of wood you can see in this photo came from a Vermont forest.  The stone countertop was quarried and fabricated within 200 miles of the jobsite.  Local matters. Support your local craftspeople who are providing us with great local options.”⁠

Read more at Shelterwood Construction

Push Out Awning
”Ultimate push out awning. This is the first time we’re using them. Nice stuff!”⁠

Read more at Mindel and Morse Builders

Introducing the Nano Bas
”Introducing the sleek and modern Nano Bas—ready to build as a high-performance ADU or small, energy-efficient home. With its contemporary mono-pitch roof and floor plan, this compact dwelling feels so much larger than 586 square feet. Step inside to discover a single-level layout featuring a vaulted open kitchen, dining, and living area, comfortable for everyday living. The primary bedroom has a generous closet and is conveniently located next to the primary bathroom, which includes a built-in laundry nook. Accessible off the living room is the outdoor patio space, which provides an ideal spot for relaxation and socializing with friends.”⁠

Read more at Unity Homes

Keep Scrolling! There’s more to see!

Windham Regional Career Center’s Showcase

“The Level 1 Electrical Tech class has been constructing display walls to showcase their conduit bending skills.”
Read more at Windham Regional Career Center

Wood Fiber Based Insulation Intro
”Super fun and informative to host @timberhp.insulatebetter at the shop this morning to learn more about this amazing wood fiber based insulation product. Thanks to Brian  @wwbuildingsupply for putting this together!  We can’t wait to work with this material in the near future!!”⁠

Read more at Mathes Hulme Builders

Construction by Wright Builders
North Amherst Library officially dedicated, as anonymous donor of $1.7M revealed. ”We are incredibly proud of all of the hard work our team put into this project!”⁠

Read more at Wright Builders, Inc.

Front Yard Design
”Bob Swinburne’s brilliance.”⁠

Read more at Bluetime Collaborative Architecture

Inswing Door Beauty

“An inviting welcome to the weekend! Pictured here: CA Inswing doors in Gull Gray”
Read more at Sierra Pacific Windows

Building Supply Sale

WW Building Supply Sale  


POS TICKET # 670371




Read more at WW Building Supply

Interesting Links

The most beautiful public loo in the world? Probably

Three connected cabins form multi-generational home in Vermont mountains

Developing carbon-negative cement as an eco-friendly housing solution

Vermont’s first mass timber building and the first in the world to use mass timber construction made from eastern hemlock – harvested in VT and NH.

► 12 stunning buildings that bring nature inside

How green building can prove resilient against natural disasters

►The U.S. Green Building Council announced the opening of the first public comment period for its draft rating system, LEED v5.


► Share this with your clients: A Complete Guide to the 5 Principles of Sustainable Construction

Meetings & Conferences

Building Science (BS) and Beer May Gathering

Date: May 15 / 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Where: Burlington Beer Company

HELM: Webinar: Job Cost Accounting in QuickBooks Online

Date: May 16 / 4:00 PM  5:00 PM
Where: Online

HELM: Fundamentals of Pre-Construction and Project Management

Date: Ongoing
Where: Online

Building Science Fundamentals – American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Date: June 17 & 18 and June 24 & 25 / 1:00-5:00 pm

Where: Online

Thank you, Members