High Performance Building Careers That Make a Difference

These careers make a difference in the world and help act against climate change.

Plus, these skilled trade workers are in high demand!!!

High performance Architects

High performance architects design the future, creating spaces that are both beautiful and sustainable, optimized for comfort, functionality, and environmental impact.

High performance Builders

Build a better world with high performance building, using cutting-edge techniques and sustainable materials to create energy-efficient structures that last a lifetime.

Insulation Experts

Join the high performance insulation industry and help create homes and buildings that are comfortable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly, using the latest materials and installation techniques to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Foundation Repair Experts

Become a high performance foundation repair expert and ensure the safety and stability of buildings by using advanced techniques and materials to deliver rock-solid support and lasting peace of mind to homeowners and businesses.

Solar Experts

Power the future with high performance solar, designing and installing innovative systems that harness the power of the sun to create reliable and renewable energy sources.

Stove Specialists

Heat things up with high performance stoves, installing and maintaining renewable heating systems that reduce carbon emissions and provide cost-effective warmth.


Transform spaces with high performance windows and doors, creating beautiful and energy-efficient buildings that enhance comfort and sustainability.


Craft your career with high performance carpentry, creating stunning and energy-efficient custom woodwork that showcases your skills and craftsmanship.

Building distributors & suppliers

Support the future with high performance building distribution and supply, providing the innovative and sustainable materials, tools, and equipment needed to create better buildings.

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