Building Science: Volume 1, Issue 8

SEON’s Sustainable Energy Outreach Network Newsletter

Building Science: Volume 1, Issue 8

Sneak Peek at Logic Building Systems, Our New Fall Training Classes are Here &  Our New State Mandate Initiative

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 From SEON’s Executive Director

August Brings Exciting News! 🎉
SEON’s fall training classes are now open for enrollment. Read below for more information.
The SEON Board has taken a significant step forward by deciding to develop a state mandate for high-performance building certification. We will be turning to you for your valuable input to make this initiative a resounding success.

Our Collective Vision:

Our goal is to position Vermont as a trailblazer in the residential construction industry, setting a state mandate that raises the bar in building practices and education.

Why Your Voice Matters:

Your insights are invaluable. We’re committed to an inclusive process that reflects the needs and perspectives of our members.

Next Steps on Our Agenda:

Putting together a framework for our state mandate —looking at other states and their mandates to ensure our initiative aligns with best practices and innovations.

Your Vital Role:

As we fashion the mandate, you’ll receive a more formal opportunity to give input.

Of importance: Eleven of our SEON members are on the Vermont Residential Contractors Approved List. If your business isn’t listed, please make sure to contact the Secretary of State’s office and let them know.

Onward! And until September.

Guy Payne
Executive Director

Building Science Training Classes and Crew Leadership Classes are open for enrollment

SEON’s fall training classes are now open for enrollment.
We have multiple dates and locations for you to seize the opportunity to learn:

Basics of High-Performance Building — builders are in colossal demand, now more than ever, and the key lies in high-performance expertise. Embrace the chance to reshape the world through our top-notch High Performance building course.unite with industry experts and champion the cause of change. Seize the opportunity, redefine your impact, and be the catalyst for a greener, better world.
Crew Leadership Development — learn the skills that foster a culture where each team member develops their technical skills and takes ownership of their roles, as well as how to create an enjoyable work environment that promotes excellence, pride, growth, respect, and collaboration.► Sign up for both today

Shout Out to Our Members Giving Back

Farnum Insulators gives back to the community and hospice. We are proud to have them as SEON members. Go Building Science businesses!
Farnum Insulators & Hospice
Farnum Insulators stands as a sponsor of  the upcoming “Hospice Amazing Hunt,” a vibrant Brattleboro Area Hospice event. As teams embark on a fun-filled adventure through downtown Brattleboro, seeking unique items and contributing to the mission of Brattleboro Area Hospice. Join them on September 9, 2023
HELM & Solidarity
HELM continues to raise the bar for the rest of us. Please consider signing up for the second annual HELM Hike*-a-thon, an event aimed at benefiting their Solidarity Scholarship Fund.
VSECU & Efficiency Vermont Help the Flood Disaster
Amidst devastating flooding, both Efficiency Vermont and VSECU are taking crucial steps to offer aid. Efficiency Vermont is providing essential assistance to renters, homeowners, and landlords, offering grants of up to $10,000 per individual. This targeted program focuses on those with incomes at or below 120% of the area median income, helping them replace damaged appliances and heating systems before the colder months arrive. Meanwhile, VSECU is reaffirming its commitment to flood disaster relief by pledging a quarter-million dollars to support local organizations dedicated to assisting vulnerable families, revitalizing impacted downtowns, and nurturing village centers. These joint efforts stand as powerful responses to the challenges posed by the recent floods.

Our Members in Action

“We do our tiling in-house with the best products and the best crew: orange dreams with Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane and a touch of grey All-Set Thin-Set. Our green beam laser level gives us those perfect lines and don’t forget to eliminate the lippage.”

Follow Owl’s Head Builders on Instagram.

“Building on a hillside can be daunting in New England, but the effort is often rewarded tenfold with striking views and unmatched privacy. In a rural corner of Vermont, a Personalized single-level Zum was recently raised on a sloping hillside. Steep sites require additional consideration to plan adequate and safe equipment access around the building footprint, especially in inclement weather when snow, rain, and mud make things slippery.”

Follow Unity Homes on Instagram.

“This door was part of a recent install in Northern Washington. A Timber Curtain Wall system with a panel door built in.” Follow Sierra Pacific Windows on Instagram.

“Ah… that feeling when you get the MENTO all sealed up before the big downpour. ⁠ SOLITEX MENTO 3000 seen here resist over 33’ (10 m) of water column, providing temporary roofing/weatherproofing of façade and roof for up to 4 months. All while remaining airtight and vapor-open at 38 perms.⁠” Follow 475 High Performance Building Supply on Instagram.


Jason Van Nest is the visionary behind LOGIC BUILDING SYSTEMS, a trailblazing participant in offsite construction practices. With a passion for sustainable building, Jason is driving change by leveraging the power of offsite construction. This innovative approach not only reduces construction waste by an impressive 35%, but also cuts CO2 emissions by an average of 40 to 60%. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Jason and his team redefine the future of construction.

Interesting Links

Why Homes Often Feel Warmer Than the Thermostat Suggests

► A discussion about emissions and housing affordability, emphasizing opt-in codes, energy standards, and regulatory reforms for dual climate and affordability progress.

► How all-electric, multi-family Passive House buildings deliver comfortable, cost-effective climate resilience.

Competitions for Architects and Construction

BLT Built Design Awards

The Passive House Network 2023 Design Awards

LA+ EXOTIQUE design ideas competition

The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial


► The Building Science Advisor (BSA) is a no-cost, web-based tool from Building America – U.S. Department of Energy, created to revolutionize the way you design wall assemblies. Tailored for builders, architects, and students, BSA offers expert guidance on moisture durability and energy efficiency in new and retrofit constructions. With an intuitive interface and pre-simulated models, it’s a must-have for those seeking to complement SEON’s high-performance building training.

► The Rockingham Energy Committee and Efficiency Vermont offer new rental property owner offers and rebates.

► HELM has an array of building science training courses that cater to various skill levels. They are an invaluable resource and we encourage you to scan their long list of fabulous offerings. Particularly cool, of note, their NEW Construction Business Intensive for Startups and Building Healthy Culture in Construction: Men Dismantling Patriarchy and their webinars: Designing a Resilient Site: Integrative Planning for Earthwork and Landscape Design and Strategic Thinking.

Meetings & Conferences


Job Opportunities

Welcome New Members

Delta Energy Works (DEW), Brattleboro, VT

Thank you, Members