What you need to know about cool roofs in your home or in buildings. How to reach net-zero and save money. Photo Credit: Robin Kutesa

Cool Roof Facts

Cool roofing is the fastest growing sector of the building industry, as building owners and facility managers realize the immediate and long-term benefits of roofs that stay cool in the sun. Studies exploring the energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of cool roofs show that in warm or hot climates, substituting a cool roof for a conventional roof can:

  • Reduce by up to 15% the annual air conditioning energy use of a single story building
  • Cool interior spaces in buildings that do not have air conditioning, making occupants more comfortable
  • Reduce carbon emissions by lowering the need for fossil-fuel generated electricity to run air conditioners
  • Potentially slow global warming by cooling the atmosphere

If you are installing a new roof or reroofing an existing building, a systems approach to providing an energy efficient roof should be taken with a cool roof considered as one of the options available.

U.S. Department of Energy’s brochure on cool roofs; describing the science behind cool roofs, how to purchase cool roof materials, and the benefits of cool roofs.

Photo Credit: Robin Kutesa