January Letter from the Executive Director

SEON has started 2023 with exciting news. As we are an organization advancing the principles and skills of building science and high performance building for our workforce and homeowners/landlords, we believe our website should reflect this vision.

Therefore, we have envisioned a cutting-edge way to represent our mission with:
• a new website
• a new domain name
• a new logo
Explore buildingscience.org to see what’s new.

This is our brand. It is still a work in progress, but please give us your thoughts on our website.

We will create a 15 year Business Plan in 5 Year time frames.

SEON has received a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation for capacity building. Building from our core missions of expanding the essential knowledge base of high performance building professionals and encouraging community engagement in a clean economy, SEON plans to take our fundamental working principles and establish concrete action plans for state-wide growth and

organizational sustainability. We have hired Anne Manner-McLary and staff of Heurista to be the consultant for our business plan.

Guy Payne
Executive Director

Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska