National Skilled Trades Day – Let’s Honor Our High Performance Builders

The demand for high-performance builders, particularly in New England, has been increasing as more people aspire to live and build their dream homes in the region. As baby boomers retire, the need for skilled workers, especially those who construct top-quality homes, continues to grow, emphasizing the importance of National Skilled Trades Day.

Celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of May, National Skilled Trades Day honors these high-performance builders and other skilled tradespeople who are crucial to maintaining the country’s infrastructure. This day aims to raise awareness about the skilled trades workforce in the United States and address the labor shortage faced by various industries. At SEON, our focus is on our exceptional home builders.

High-performance builders contribute significantly to the construction sector by creating energy-efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing homes that cater to the New England dream. Pursuing a skilled trade in high-performance building can be an affordable alternative to college education and offers a rewarding career opportunity in the growing demand for quality craftsmanship.

Let’s celebrate the high-performance builders who construct the very best homes, enabling people to live their New England dream, by supporting and promoting National Skilled Trades Day. Skilled craftsmen keep our country running smoothly, and high-performance builders build our homes for comfort – and those skilled and certified people in the trade industry elevate our standard of living through their dedication to building exceptionally.