Rich Earth Institute’s Research Center

On May 22nd, SEON members joined staff at the Rich Earth Institute’s Research Center to learn of the current research on urine diversion and nutrient reclamation as well as technology and products available for installation to mitigate the effects of inefficient or compromised sewage disposal systems.

Members learned of the composition of urine, its agricultural use, and impact on the environment, especially the Long Island Sound. In return, SEON members gave helpful feedback to REI staff about ways to increase the adaptation of this technology.

Above: (l) Urine diversion hydraulic assisted toilet and a low cost portable system (in red). (r) The collection system located in another room.

Above: (l) New Austrian designed studio’s EOOS System – a source separation technology which involves separating domestic wastewater at the source to urine, feces, and greywater. (r) Presentation by Conor Lally.