475 On-Site: Vapor Open Straw Bale

Chad Mathrani, owner of Vermont Natural Homes and SEON Member, demonstrates the use of 475 products on his own straw baled house.

While Chad’s home is under construction outside of Brattleboro, Vermont, he is using a combination of straw bale insulation and blown-in cellulose, with airtightness provided by lime-stabilized clay plaster and a variety of materials from Pro Clima.

The recipe includes: 

  • SOLITEX MENTO Plus for exterior airtightness with dense pack insulation
  • SOLITEX MENTO 1000 for exterior connection to slab and above plaster, to roof
  • DB+ for interior airtightness on ceilings and with dense pack insulation
  • CONTEGA FC for interior connections from clay plaster to wood
  • CONTEGA EXO for exterior connections from clay plaster to wood
  • TESCON PROFIL for window, door, and corner connections
  • TESCON VANA for flat seams on airtight membranes and at window connections 
  • EXTOSEAL ENCORS for heavy-duty sill pan protection
  • LUNOS e² and eGO for decentralized, ductless, heat recovery ventilation

Watch 475 High Performance Building Supply’s video below.