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Building Science: Volume 1, Issue 6

Building Science: Volume 1, Issue 6
SEON’s Sustainable Energy Outreach Network Newsletter

 Building Science Wonders: Member Projects, Meerkats go High-Performance, and Grasses for a Sustainable Future!
In this issue:
• Message from the Executive Director
• Member Project Spotlight
• Our members in action
• SEON Social Media Takes
• Interesting Links:
Zoo’s high-performance meerkat habitat exhibit
Processed Perennial Grasses
A Microgrid Community
New England State-to-State Migration Flows
Interesting Report on High-Performance DoorsMaine’s History with Mass Timber
Art Museum uses Vermont Marble
Wastewater Pretreatment Grants in Vermont
and more
• Meetings & Conferences
• Job Opportunities
• Thank you, Members

From SEON’s Executive Director

May and June have been a busy month for SEON and its advocacy efforts and public outreach.

Whew. We’ve been busy.

This month we are planning our SEON Board Retreat were our theme will be “How to ensure SEON’s financial stability.” I’ve created a survey – with the link below – in the hopes that we can take your voices to the Retreat to be heard.

With a backdrop of news about building failures and the 1-year delay of the implementation of the Updated Energy Code (because of the lack of knowledge and skills of our residential workforce to apply the Code), SEON will be announcing our Fall Training schedule. Discounts will apply for SEON members as well as multiple attendees from the same company. Details to follow. 

Until July.

Guy Payne
Executive Director

Member Project Spotlight – GPI

Exciting to see our long-term member GPI Construction involved with many key projects in SE Vermont. They continue to maintain a strong commitment to the social fabric of the region. See the partners with whom they’ve collaborated. 

New Chapter and FoxRock Properties
GPI has been working for the last few months with Stevens & Associates PC to iron out the details for a 10,900 square foot office renovation for New Chapter and FoxRock Properties. The project will create new state-of-the-art open, collaborative office environment.
Windham County Humane Society
Getting started on the facility expansion for the Windham County Humane Society – adding 2,500 square feet of new public and clinical space, renovating the existing animal shelter, new HVAC and electrical, new septic and site improvements!
The Kindle Farm School
Another project for HCRS, working to come out of the ground for the The Kindle Farm School sugar house and storage building in scenic Townshend VT.  The project will feature a beautiful timber frame maple syrup production facility along with an attached equipment storage building.  
Landmark College
Another summer project for our longtime client Landmark College – working to squeeze an elevator in the Library building.  Complicated and tedious work but going extremely well.

Our Members in Action

All Vermont Wood
All the wood in this Shelterwood Construction’s Instagram reel came from Vermont.
HELM organized a Design & Construction Industry Compensation Survey last year, and 50 companies from the Northeast responded.
Read the Survey Results here.
Best Place to Work
Second times the charm! For the second year in a row Housewright Construction has been recognized as one of Vermont’s Best Places to Work by VermontBiz.
Efficiency Vermont, Unity Homes and Habitat for Humanity… Oh Yeah!
Getting more people into home ownership quickly is the only real way to solve the housing crisis in Vermont.
Jim Bradley in VTDigger – Again!
In yet another VTDigger article, Jim Bradley, a SEON member and building science instructor, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of a meeting with Vermont lawmakers and state government officials to increase regulation and oversight in Vermont’s building industry. He highlighted the decision’s significance, considering it a substantial victory for consumers, the building industry, and the environment. Read more here.

SEON Social Media Takes

For the Professionals
Architectural Sketch Friday
Public Awareness
What to Know Before You Build or Remodel
Public Awareness
Looks Can Be Deceiving (don’t go on recommendations. Hire a certified high-performance builder)
Instagram TikTok
Public Awareness
How to Save Money on High-Performance Homes
Young Professionals
Greening Your CareerHigh-Performance Building Careers

Interesting Links

Zoo’s meerkat habitat exhibit was recently certified as a high-performance example of a green roof/wall application.

►  Wastewater pretreatment grants are up for grabs in Vermont >  $3.6 million is available . Submit applications by July 21.

► A firm has developed a material consisting of processed perennial grasses that it says will be lighter and stronger than traditional timber boards while capturing more carbon.

Peer-Review on novel temperature-control coatings.

► A Swedish furniture designer presents an exhibition that illustrates the climate impact of common architectural and furniture design materials.

►Will this inspired construction pave the way for the global expansion of colorful communities that thrive in secluded colonies?

An interesting report on High-Performance Doors.

► An architectural proposal for a design that aims to honor Maine’s history through the use of mass timber.

► Fairbanks Museum Home to Vermont’s First Demonstration Mass Timber Building,

using hemlock from the Northeast.

New Englanders now pay more than twice the price for natural gas than most other US residents pay, and that gap is growing.

It’s time to pay attention to Energy Codes – the Keene, NH way.

► Lawmakers warn Canadian hydropower isn’t as plentiful as it used to be – what does this mean for New Englanders?

► A housing development in Vermont will be “completely free of fossil fuels and will function as its own microgrid community.”

Vermont is moving from fuel oil to clean heat.

Extreme Precipitation in Northeast to Increase 52% by 2099

► Vermont’s climate policy has “nudged” a local gas utility into the heat pump business.

►The largest underground marble quarry in the world, the Danby Quarry in Vermont now covers this new building.

Are you interested in being a pilot test taker for the BPI Total Building Performance Certificate of Knowledge? The certificate is meant to test competencies around whole building retrofit projects from customer engagement, to design, to implementation.

New England State-to-State Migration Flows.

Connecticut > migrates to:

  1. New York
  2. Florida
  3. Massachusetts

Maine migrates to:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Florida
  3. New Hampshire

Massachusetts migrates to:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. New York
  3. Florida

New Hampshire migrates to:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Maine
  3. Florida

Rhode Island migrates to:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Connecticut
  3. California

Vermont migrates to:

  1. Florida
  2. New York
  3. New Hampshire

Meetings & Conferences

Job Opportunities

Thank you, Members