Unlock the Secrets to Getting Your Dream Home

5 Essential Tips You MUST Know Before Building Or Retrofitting a Home

Use a certified high-performance builder to:

• Save money

• Help the planet

1. Know The Background of the Builder

Ask the builder how they remain current with knowledge (training, certifications, tools, etc.)

2. New Home or Old?

Building a new home is not as difficult as retrofitting an old home.

3. Start with Water and vapor management FIRST!!!!

You NEVER want mold!

All efforts should be made to ensure energy efficiency. Vapor and Water Management are key!

4. Energy Star Certification Will save you Money

Consult with an organization like Efficiency Vermont (or check your state) – they will make sure that the work you are doing is in compliance with Energy Star Certification.

5. Blower Door Test

Make sure to have a blower door test at the beginning and at the end of the project. Don’t know what that is? It’s a way of determining air leakage and insulation.