Guy Payne, Executive Director of SEON - a building science nonprofit - gives a presentation for GOLab

GO Labs Wood Insulation

On Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, Joshua Henry, President of GO Lab, gave a presentation to SEON’s Building Science Guild (BSG) about the planned roll-out of their wood fiber insulation products – loose, batt, and board – which are renewable, biodegradable, non toxic wood fiber insulation for the residential and light commercial construction market.

28 members of SEON helped initiate the new conference room of WW Building and Home Supply’s new retail facility. Josh spun a fascinating story of his interest in the product as a materials chemist and his search to provide the green building industry with an environmentally friendly product that is price sensitive.

With the close of so many paper mills in Maine, the wood industry has been in search of products and processes that utilizes one of Maine’s primary assets and invigorates new life in the mills.  GO Lab will be refurbishing a closed mill in Madison, ME, and through incredible luck was able to purchase the processing equipment in Germany for a very reasonable cost.  The equipment is in Maine and will take another year till production.

Josh provided an excellent comparative summary of wood fiber insulation relative to the benefits of other well known insulation products.  GO Lab is hoping to develop a pipeline for the processing of orders from Germany until production in late fall / early winter 2021.