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What you need to know about The New Law For Residential Building Contractors

As some of you already know, Governor Scott signed into law the requirement for residential building contractors to register with the state. The application process for contractors began December 1st with a minimal registration fee till March 31st.  By State statute, the requirement of the statute begins April 1, 2023.  Please go to https://sos.vermont.gov/residential-contractors/ to learn about the bill and its requirements.

Key to this requirement includes:

  • If a contractor agrees to a project (time and materials) over $10,000 they must be registered with the Office Of Professional Regulation
  • Project work over $10,000  must  be accompanied with a contract
  • Registry must demonstrate insurance coverage as defined in the statute
  • Homeowners can see if a contractor is registered
  • The statute encourages voluntary certification of professional development which homeowners will be able to determine.


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