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SEON's Executive Director, Guy Payne meets with the Vermont General Attorney and the Secretary of State’s Office of Professional Regulation to help lead the way: How Vermont's New Residential Contractor Registration Program is Driving Sustainable Construction with SEON's Help

Combating Home Improvement Fraud to Protect Homeowners: SEON on the Move to Ensure Sustainable Construction

Discover how the fight against home improvement fraud is getting a major boost from a new registration program for residential contractors. Designed to help consumers locate licensed professionals with the necessary expertise to deliver top-quality work, the program also emphasizes the importance of certification to recognize a builder’s mastery in their craft. Join the effort to ensure sustainable, responsible construction and protect your home with this valuable new program.

475 High Performance Building Supply demonstrates open-vapor straw bale building science - 475 is a SEON member

Building Back to the Roots: Sustainable Homes, Vermont-Style

Vermont is renowned for its charming older homes, barns, and churches that encapsulate the quintessential Vermont dream. Building the Vermont Dream means embracing sustainable practices today, reminiscent of those older homes that reflect the wisdom of our great-great grandparents. Our ancestors were deeply committed to sustainable building, utilizing natural materials, incorporating passive solar design, and employing other techniques to create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. However, over time, we deviated from these practices in pursuit of convenience and cost-effectiveness. To restore Vermont’s legacy of sustainable building and create a future that honors our past, we must understand why we strayed and take action. By educating ourselves and promoting sustainable building, we can revive our connection to heritage, reinstate sustainable practices, and forge a path towards a greener future for Vermont.