SEON (Sustainable Energy Outreach Network) has complied a list of building science resources - particularly for Vermont and New England.

Building Science Resources

►The federal solar tax credit, officially known as the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is the most lucrative solar incentive in Vermont — as it is in most states. Operated by the federal government, the program allows homeowners who install solar to claim a tax credit worth 30% of their system cost. You can use your credit amount to lower your federal income tax burden for the year you install solar panels and roll over any remaining amounts for up to five years. Here’s an in depth breakdown.


Building off an engaging presentation at this year’s BBD on Geothermal Heat Pumps and the tax incentives for nonprofits for geothermal districts, this article in November 2022 on NYC’s Leadership in Geothermal Ground Source Energy provides additional background information about the science and technology.

Building Performance Hubs: Accelerating the High-Performance Transition

► Certified with us? Be sure your name is on the Vermont Contractor Registry Map.

► Share this Efficiency Aid by State resources with Your Clients so they can afford 💸 to transform their dreams into sustainable homes in New England & New York!

► If you know someone who is interested in becoming an architect – or is in college working on their degree – pass this on: Tips for Recent Graduates Navigating Architectural Employment

► The Building Science Advisor (BSA) is a no-cost, web-based tool from Building America – U.S. Department of Energy, created to revolutionize the way you design wall assemblies. Tailored for builders, architects, and students, BSA offers expert guidance on moisture durability and energy efficiency in new and retrofit constructions. With an intuitive interface and pre-simulated models, it’s a must-have for those seeking to complement SEON’s high-performance building training.

► The Rockingham Energy Committee and Efficiency Vermont offer new rental property owner offers and rebates.

► HELM has an array of building science training courses that cater to various skill levels. They are an invaluable resource and we encourage you to scan their long list of fabulous offerings. Particularly cool, of note, their NEW Construction Business Intensive for Startups and Building Healthy Culture in Construction: Men Dismantling Patriarchy and their webinars: Designing a Resilient Site: Integrative Planning for Earthwork and Landscape Design and Strategic Thinking.