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Building science training and leadership skills workshops in Vermont SEON sustainable energy outreach network

Building Science: Winter/Spring 2023 Class Schedule

Basics of High Performance Building Workshops and Training – Winter/Spring 2023 Class Schedule.
Knowledge of basic carpentry skills through NCCER is an essential foundation for the required learning as a high performance builder. Understanding carpentry terms and skills, building components, and even proper handling of equipment, is necessary to anchor learning of air and water barriers and promote overall safety. This approach also relieves production oriented builders from diverting resources to educate entry level employees on carpentry basics.

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Our first “Water, Air and Thermal Continuous Control Layers” course

SEON building science course “Water, Air, and Thermal Continuous Control Layers.”  Three different wall systems were constructed highlighting those that are economical and efficient as well as those that carry the least amount of embodied energy. Following satisfactory completion of a few more requirements these members will be the first carpenters to be awarded SEON’s Certification as a High Performance Builder.

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Heat Pumps and how they help keep your bills down - SEON offers building science workshops in the New England / Northeast region. Photo Credit: Maria Shanina

Heat Pump Open House

Are you paying too much to heat your home, business, or rental property, or looking to cut your use of fossil fuels? A new generation of super-efficient electric heat pumps, suitable for northern climates, may be the answer for you. These devices provide heat and domestic hot water using 25-50% less energy than conventional systems.

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